Commercial, Industrial and Government Product Developmet.

Southwest Prototyping can help get your next product to market.

Hardware Development

Southwest Prototyping has the skill and experience to help you solve your next hardware challenge.  We can quickly provide you with a microcontroller based system leveraging a past design, or build you a custom system with the latest microprocessor or FPGA. If your next project requires an RF component or mixed signal processing, we have the team you need for success.

System Integration

Our team has experience in custom electrical design as well as COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) system integration. When you need a high level of functionality within a compressed schedule, let us help you design a system around already designed and tested commercially available components.

  • Wireless modules including WiFi, ZigBee & Bluetooth
  • Wired communications components including Ethernet, USB, Firewire & variants of serial communication
  • Audio & Video compression, decompression and displays
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