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The Southwest Prototyping Technical Team

Jeff Bryce - Projects and Engineering Manager


Jeff Bryce - Projects and Engineering Manager

Jeff has a mechanical engineering degree from Duke University, over 27 years engineering, project management and management experience and over 20 years experience as a business owner.  Jeff started his career with 10 years of design, fabrication, installation and maintenance work in the petroleum industry with Amoco and Sinclair Oil companies.  Jeff then spent the following 8 years leading projects in the telecom industry and managed over $140,000,000 of design and construction projects for Williams Communications and MCI.   

For the last 12 years, Jeff has been leading product development, machine automation, control systems optimizations and short run manufacturing projects.  The first 7 years was as Projects Manager and Vice President of an Albuquerque company with 40 employees and the last 5 years as president/owner of Southwest Design and Prototyping.  

With hundreds of projects completed on time and within budget, Jeff knows how to plan projects and execute solutions.  In addition to tactical execution, Jeff thinks strategically and may be able to help you to plan for the big picture.  Jeff has the experience to know when the team needs guidance and when to stay out of the way and give the technical experts room to implement the solutions.

Patents include 1. Optical designs for rear projection virtual reality theater 2. Mechanical designs for single person carrying system.  

Marc Eberle - Sr. Software and Firmware Engineer

Bachelors and Masters in Engineering and Computer Science and 25+ years software and electrical engineering experience.   Expertise in:  C, C++, C#, Windows, LabView, firmware, designing and modeling circuits, parallel programming, Mac OS, Unix and Linux  


  •  LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY – International and Applied Technology Division – (1998 – 2012)  
  •  Souhtwest Design and Prototyping (2013 - present)
  • Control system for the Molten Salt Test Loop at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility. 
  •  Firmware/Software for the Alpha-7 radiation detector
  •  Tactical Airborne Observation System developing C# and C++ code to view multiple streams of realtime video overlayed on a globe similar to Google earth. 
  •  Automation of laser chemical vapor deposition system.
  •  Development of IR camera automated system to remotely measure the temperature of the laser/fiber reaction point inside a vacuum chamber. 
  •  Development of antenna model using Matlab and Simulink for an RF cell phone detection system.
  •  Development software in IDL (Interactive Data Language) for analyzing telemetry data and mapping the response in 3D of an antenna satellite in low earth orbit
  •  Development of Fast on Orbit Recording of Transient Events satellite antenna pattern mapping using the Los Alamos Portable Pulsar – an electromagnetic pulse generator and 50 foot dish antenna used to send a high frequency, low duration pulse to the satellite.
  •  Development of data acquisition and control user interfaces in Visual C++ and MATLAB for GPIB instrumentation.  
  •  Development of laser based dot matrix marking systems; including programming embedded microprocessors and FPGA’s. 
  •  Development of control system software to automate the operation of Focused Ion Beam milling machines.  The systems include a scanning electron microscope and are used to archive data directly onto silicon wafers via ion milling. 
  •  Development of real-time control and analysis software for nondestructive assay of nuclear waste using active neutron bombardment / differential dieaway techniques.
  •  Development of remote controlled dig face monitor systems (DFM’s) to analyze soil content before digging in a highly contaminated pit.  Specified the remote control link using wireless ethernet spread spectrum technology.   This system gathered neutron and gamma data from counters inside the DFM’s and radioed the information to a local hub which in turn relayed it via fiber optic to the control building.  Developed the software to display 2D images, histograms, surface plots and a 3D image of the source location in the soil. 
  •  Development of TCP/IP socket based client and server network software to communicate with robotic vehicles used to transport drums of nuclear material.
  •  Wrote the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) software for a complex nuclear facility drum handling system.


  • The Functionality and Performance of the FORTE RF Antenna System
  • Will charged-particle systems redefine high-density storage? - Data Storage Magazine
  • Implementation of Model Reference Adaptive Controllers - UNM Master’s Thesis


  • Air Well Pump –
  • TOPO3D - High Performance, Vector, Interactive 3D Topo Maps
  • OptoMag – Optical magnetic mass flow controller
  • TransferPRO for Windows - Macintosh to Windows File Transfer Package

Dave Aley - Sr. Systems & Control Systems Engineer


Dave has Bachelors degree in Engineering Mechanics and 17 years of systems engineeing, control systems and mechanical engineering experience.  

                Systems Design (Mechanical/Electrical/Software/Controls)

                Product design and development – Automated equipment

                Software – HMI /GUI development, custom applications, simulation, testing

                Rapid Prototyping - CAD Modeling (SolidWorks), mfg. prints and detail work

                Embedded system controls - touch panels, PLC and PC based.

     Machine Vision – National Instruments, 1394/Firewire

Dave's Hardware/software Experience includes:  SolidWorks     AutoCad  AutomationDirect  Parker, Galil, Rockwell,  ACR Motion Controllers

C/C++      Unix     Linux       Visual Studio.NET  VB 

Brian Hill - Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Brian has a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech and over 20 years product development design, fabrication, testing and optimization experience

  • Core skills include Solidworks, Project management, Plastic/ metal molding Sheet metal/ stamping
  • Brian has designed seven patented products
  • Products range from pet grooming, golfing, electronic hardware, food products, personal grooming, dental products, orthotics, solar racking, …
  • Engineering services for local manufacturers. Integrated vision systems into obsolete equipment, developed material handling solutions, coordinated machine upgrades across languages, brands, and technologies.
  • Experience before Southwest Prototyping - Unirac Solar, MooBella Ice Cream and Food Services, POP displays, Electronic Locks, Switchcraft connectors, Oxford Speakers,   

John Derrig - Projects Manager and Business Development

  • Over 20 years of engineering experience in product development, aerospace, sensors research and x-ray CT imaging systems.
  • Technical writing and business development
  • Requirements definition, acceptance test plans and scheduling


Chris Long - Mechanical Engineer

  • Mechanical design - SolidWorks
  • Electro-mechancial integratons, fabrication, assembly and test


Support Staff - Machinist, mechanical, electrical and sewing technicians and office admin


  • Jeff Weaver - WTSI                                             - Sr. Electronics Engineer
  • Tanda Headrick - Vanguard-Tech                      - Sr Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Doug Adkins - Defiant Technologies                - Sr. Chemical Engineer
  • Mike Herman - Vamco                                        - Injection molding and casting
  • A dozen Albuquerque Machine shops             - Fabrication 
  • Donald Berg - ATSI                                             - Automation and Control systems
  • Alan Peter - Outta Control                                 - Control systems
  • Ed Rombauch - Medallion Depot                      - Mechancial Design
  • James Love - Love Systems Engineering       - Control Systems


  •                                                                              - FEA analysis
  •                                                                              - Directed Engergy Systems
  •                                                                              - Space Vehicle Systems
  • AGDG - App development





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